Certification Criteria

The criteria and requirements for the award of the natureplus® eco-label are specified in the award guidelines.

Every building product awarded the natureplus® eco-label must fulfil the requirements of the relevant product criteria.

In addition, the individual product guidelines may also specify that the criteria contained in other guidelines must be also be fulfilled e.g. the Basic Guidelines etc.

In the case of products which are comprised of several system components e.g. thermal insulation composite systems, floor coverings on carrier boards, bricks/blocks with integrated insulation etc., the criteria contained within the product guidelines for the individual components shall also apply.

You will find all the current product certification criteria under the navigation links below.

If a natureplus award guideline for your product doesn’t yet exist, enquire at the natureplus head office if a relevant award guideline is in preparation or whether a deadline has been set for the creation of such a guideline. If you are explicitly interested in a certification, then it may be possible to bring forward the deadline for the creation of the relevant award guideline. As a natureplus member, you have the right to take an active part in the definition/preparation of the award guideline.


Certification process

If you would like to learn more about the product certification process, click here